Do you have a project in mind?

A story, poem, article ...?  Get that baby of yours noticed with some unique illustrations. Let me know what your project is and we can start from there:

 How much will it cost?  

A rough estimate is £25 per hour - so, the simpler the illustration, the lower the cost. You won't be hit with an unexpected bill as I will give you a quote before any work begins. The cost can be spread over the time it takes to create the illustrations.

The first meeting is free and we can discuss costs then. Meetings can take place via Skype. 

Got the story - but no clue as to where to start when it comes to getting published?

A company that I can personally vouch for which is supportive, ethical, upfront and affordable is 

I have worked in collaboration with Indie Authors World and their writers. They also hold regular author events and workshops where you can meet fellow creatives. 

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